Lennox Firm Up Collagen Drinks

These are the latest additions to my stash.

Lennox Firm Up

On sale at Guardian, two tubs (50 bottles total) for RM239! Ends Feb 29, 2012

For Scale




Sweet with no sour or fishy aftertaste


I am into my 3rd month of beauty/collagen drinks so it’s more of maintenance now. I alternate these with one bottle 10,000mg Hadatuko because I don’t want my tolerance to go up to quickly that I’d have to sustain solely on Hadatuko. Furthermore, I have discovered that there is no hard evidence how a higher dosage of collagen is more beneficial compared to the standard 5,000mg because our body can only absorb that much at one time. Will update when I find out more.


At approximately RM5 per bottle, this is economical and effective maintenance. I have not noticed any deterioration since I’ve been on Lennox, in comparison to previous products so I think these babies are doing the job just fine! It’s fair to say I’m a staunch Lennox fan now.

+out of 5 stars

8 thoughts on “Lennox Firm Up Collagen Drinks

  1. Hi Juliana! Your comment made me laugh this Friday morning so thank you! I’m sorry it tastes plastic-y to you. I guess I was more worried about it having the ‘fishy’ effect so other sensations didn’t cross my mind. I’ve been taking this for more than two months now and other than the usual pms breakouts, I like what’s it’s doing for me. ;) I hope you’ll find something else that suits your skin and taste-buds better.

  2. Natasha says:

    This brand has been found got quality problem in pass 2 years. My concern is – this safe to consume anot? Any proven report shows it doesn’t contain DEHP?

    • Hi Natasha,

      I believe the only time Lennox Firm-Up got into trouble was last year when they found carcinogenic plastic addictive and DEHP in a specific batch:

      Since then it has been back in the market and stronger than ever. Considering how most mainstream/popular brands contain parabens and other chemicals harmful to one’s health I guess unless one goes completely organic, these threats are simply inevitable. With beauty, it’s always a catch-22. I just hope whatever mistakes I make allow me to make wiser decisions the next time around and so far, I am happy with Lennox.

    • Hi Kavitha,

      After going through a few forums and websites, it is general advised that you don’t. While there are no definitive ‘ban’, I personally won’t just to be on the safe side.

      To read up more, you may want to check out the following:

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